WORLD PREMIERE: GRAND SOLEIL LC46                                                                             
Grand Soleil LC46


Since 1999 Mareblu Nautical Imports has taken on the challenge of bringing uniquely styled semi-production sailing vessels to the North American market. Grand Soleil Yachts, in continuous production since 1973 in Northern Italy, are at the pinnacle of this particular niche with vessels ranging from 39 to 54 feet. Grand Soleil, one of the first yards to incorporate high performance cruising, has now entered the true blue water cruising market with it's new Long Cruise (LC) series. The first being the Grand Soleil LC46.

Mareblu has just recently been appointed by the Seaway Group to handle the sales and servicing of their Shipman Carbon Yachts in North America. Since 2002, Shipman has been building "full carbon" yachts from 50' to 80'. Their current lineup comprise of a brand new 59', 63', 72' and 80' with larger projects in the design and development phase. Watch for new developments at Shipman soon.

Specializing in fine Italian Sailing Yachts for over 15 years has made Mareblu Nautical Imports the best option in helping you embark on your next, maybe last sailing yacht build. Having offices in the US but also spending substantial time in Italy working directly with the builders as well as being present for every european delivery, makes the process simple and secure.